About Us

Congregation Kol Ami is a family-oriented, USCJ-affiliated synagogue focused on serving the Jewish community in Tampa, Florida.   Our Congregation seeks to advance and promote the ideals, values and practices of Conservative Judaism and is characterized as highly participatory, egalitarian, and energetic.  Emphasis is placed on providing educational opportunities for our members, fostering Jewish values and ideals and encouraging our members to grow Jewishly.  Our Congregation has an ongoing commitment to promoting awareness concerning, and the interests of, the State of Israel.

As a Beit T’fillah, or House of Prayer, it is our goal to provide high quality, inspiring and spiritually nourishing religious services.  Our services and observances of Jewish holidays and life cycle events tend to reflect a traditional orientation.

As a Beit Midrash, or House of Study, it is our goal to provide high quality education programs for adults, teenagers, and children.  We promote Judaism through participation, education, role modeling, assisting our members to learn and grow Jewishly and celebrate their Judaism, while understanding that Judaism’s core values are important and relevant.

As a Beit Knesset, or House of Gathering, it is our goal to encourage participation by all members, to be embracing, warm and caring, to facilitate Jewish growth through our programs and activities, and to provide an environment which encourages the development of an extended, caring congregational family.

We are committed to G’milut Hasadim, acts of loving kindness, through recognition of our social responsibilities not only to our membership but also to the community at large and providing support for those in need.

We are also committed to the maintenance of high standards of ethical behavior.