Religious School

Al Shlosha D’varim: Al Hatorah, V’al ha-avodah, V’al G’milut Chasadim. The world stands on three things: on Torah, on service, and on acts of loving kindness.

Shalom Chaverim!  Welcome to Kol Yeladim, Congregation Kol Ami’s religious school.

At Kol Ami, we strive for a fun and challenging learning environment in which Jewish values are modeled, and students are encouraged to seek personal meaning in Judaism. Our mission is simple: Provide the atmosphere for children to have a love for Judaism and to enhance their Jewish identity. We do this through our formal education programs, along with our informal Jewish Youth groups.

Congregation Kol Ami’s Religious School is an exciting, vibrant learning center, where our teachers encourage growth both spiritually and academically. Our Religious School is held on Sundays (for Kindergarten through 7th Grades) from 9:00AM-12:30 PM and Wednesdays (for 3rd-7th Grades ONLY) from 5:00PM – 7:00 PM.

Hebrew: We offer a prayer-based Hebrew curriculum structured with annual benchmarks for our students to reach. Through this curriculum, our students are preparing for our b’nai mitzvah program, as well as becoming participating young adults in our Congregational Services.

Judaic Studies: In addition, we have a dedicated Judaic Studies curriculum, which follows the above theme of Al Shlosha D’varim. This program, known as the Chai Curriculum offers engaging lessons, which are appropriate for each of the grades. We feel strongly that experiential learning is the most effective means for the spiritual growth of our children.

Camp Yeladim:On Sundays, Kol Yeladim offers a unique program, entitled Camp Yeladim. This program is designed at enhancing our students’ Jewish identity. Each week our students get to experience a variety of informal activities, including Arts and Crafts, Jewish Cooking, Israeli Dancing, Sports, and the Art of Storytelling. We feel that experiencing the Joy of Judaism through these holistic means are just as essential as learning our language and customs