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Kol Yeladim Religious School Registration

Kol Yeladim Religious School

2019 - 2020 School Year

Tuition and Fees

Families with three or more children in the school will be entitled to a 10% discount on tuition for each child after the first two children. 


                             Pre-K                                     $350

                             Grades K-2                            $555

                             Grades 3-7                             $820

                             B’nai Mitzvah Class                $820

                                       (Kol Yeladim students)

                             Academy, Grades 8 & 9         $250

                             Confirmation Class                 $310*

                             Academy, Grades 11 & 12       No Charge

                   Book, Programming & Snack Fees:

                             Grades K-2                             $120

                             Grades 3-6                              $135

                             B’nai Mitzvah Class                $135*

                                      (Kol Yeladim students)

         6th and 7th Grade Hillel Academy students  $425*

including tuition and book, programming & snack fees

* Please note that there are additional fees for Confirmation Class and there may be additional fees for B’nai Mitzvah class field trips.

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